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Welcome To Our Translation Agency

Here at AL Translators we only provide you with the best translation services possible. All of our translators and fully qualified professionals with years of experience. Our translations come certified as standard so there are no hidden fees involved. What we quote you will always be the final price unless you have a special requirement.

AL Translators came about because we saw a big need for professional, trustworthy translation services in the market. There are of course many agencies claiming to offer such services however they employ unqualified freelancers and pay them a pittance. We always ensure to pay our translators a fair wage in order to maintain the high quality of our certified translations.

Our Team

Paul JohnsonHead of Project Coordination

Paul is the head of our Project Coordinators who handle over 300 projects a month.

Sally PilkersonHead of Internation Development

Sally takes care of our internation interests and development in both Euorpe and Asia.

Chris MatthewsI.T. Specialist

Chris makes sure that all of our systems are in working order and maintains our website.

Sara ParkersHead of Customer Support

Sarah ensures that every single customer is taken care of and heads a team of 20 customer service representatives.